Sheet Metal Fabrication

R.S. Harritan operates and maintains a 24,000-square-foot fabrication facility in Richmond, Virginia.

Our complete shop fabrication facilitiy can handle 28 gauge to 1/4" plate. We are able to shear, form, roll and break to 1/4" stainless steel utilizing the latest in fabrication equipment.

Specialized systems fabricated in our shop:

  • Standard ductwork
  • Tobacco transfer chutes
  • Conveyor fabrication
  • Concrete conveying piping
  • Pre-fabricated housings
  • Pulp and paper chip conveying systems
  • Complete heat recovery systems

Platforms are designed and built for power companies, water treatment plants and manufacturing facilities. Additionally, we have the latest in computer operated plasma cut technology for the fabrication of HVAC ductwork.

Rectangular, round and oval ductwork are all fabricated at high speeds utilizing computer systems that cut and label straight duct and fittings automatically. This ensures timely delivery of entire HVAC systems to the jobsite, eliminating job delays and costly overruns.

Ductwork and fittings are fabricated on a Cybermation computer driven plasma cut machine. Once inputted, duct fittings can be stored electronically and fabricated and shipped in the proper sequence to meet even the most demanding schedule. Waste is virtually eliminated due to the computer’s ability to automatically lay out and cut duct and fittings, optimizing metal usage.